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Branch of the future

Branch of the future - Geschäftsstelle der Zukunft

In our modern, digital world, values such as regional proximity, humanity and climate-friendly action have become more important to all of us. We have therefore rethought our mission to our customers and the Lübeck region. The result is the Branch of the future, a place where not only a new room design, but also the interaction with our customers and the neighborhood exchange are at the center of our actions.

Lady sitting of a red sofa with laptop and headset

Our Branches of the future are at the heart of our new omni-channel sales strategy. We are linking the regional world with the digital world. In the future, we will discuss in person not only on site, but also by phone, e-mail, Internet branch, advisor chat, or video consultation.

2 hands holding a graphic for building

In addition, an innovative branch design with many special features awaits you. Modern and comfortable furniture offers the opportunity for an informal exchange. Our consulting rooms are nevertheless designed in such a way that we are among ourselves and can talk openly about everything.

By the way: The future names of our consulting rooms were chosen by our employees in their Branch of the future. All of them were involved in the planning process to a large extent and played an active role in shaping the office of the future.

So if you are invited to a consultation in the "Wakenitzufer" or "Buntekuh" room in the future, you can look forward to a modern and open consultation at eye level in one of our branches of the future.

office Am Brink with desk, chairs and glass walls
new office with desk, chairs, lamps
2 people in conference in new office with sofa

District wall - information from you for you
As a host, we want to connect people in the neighborhood and provide information beyond finance.

On our new district walls, you will not only find news about our latest products and services, but also a lot of information from your district.

When is the next event, the district festival or the next flea market, and where? Which local businesses or associations are there in the district? Which Mein Lübecker partners can you reach in the immediate vicinity?

Suppliers from the region can present themselves on a digital screen and in many small shelves. At the district table in front of it, current topics can be discussed and information exchanged in a cozy atmosphere over a cup of coffee. Free WiFi and an iPad station are available for support.

new district wall and neighborhood table with balloos
decoration of district wall
books as decoration of district wall
decoration of our district wall
Branch Lohmühle

It's starting - the branch Lohmühle will be rebuilt

From 25.09. to 10.10.2023 we are converting the branch into the new "branch of the future".

During this time, our branch will be temporarily closed.

Your advisor will be available for consultations during this time at the branch Ziegelstraße, Ziegelstraße 83-85 and at branch Centrum, Breite Straße 18-28.

The self-service area will remain open for you but not on

  • 25.09. 12am to 26.09.2023 4pm and not on
  • 04.10.2023 the whole day.

You can still reach your locker or safe deposit box on

  • 02.10.2023 from 8 - 9am
  • 06.10.2023 from 2 - 3pm.

*Where to find my advisor?

Our advisors will be happy to serve you during the renovation period at our branches Ziegelstraße and Centrum.

Frank Steube

Alena Marie Gottsmann

Patrick Kiupel

Benjamin Kleistner

Christina Arndt

Nicole Czerwonka

Geschäftsstelle Ziegelstraße
Ziegelstraße 83-85
23556 Lübeck


Seher Erdogan

Karolina Kraus

Florian Wittrock

Arne Kamin

Geschäftsstelle Centrum
Breite Straße 18-28
23552 Lübeck


"S-Immobilienshop bei der Lohmühle"

Please note that our "S-Immobilienshop bei der Lohmühle" will also being renovated. The colleagues war at your disposal at the "S-Immobilienshop auf der Altstadtinsel", Breite Straße 18-28, 23552 Lübeck. They can be reached by phone on 0451 147-222.

Reopening party!

We look forward to seeing you again in the new premises "Bei der Lohmühle 84" from Wednesday, October 11, 2023.

You are welcome to come to the official opening ceremony on October 12, 2023 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., visit the innovative new premises, start a chat. We are very excited and hope you are too.

Branch Wirth-Center

Branch Wirth-Center

Our reopening was a complete success.

Many customers and colleagues visited us on opening day and marveled at our new premises.
Our CEO Oke Heuer and branch manager Bastian Zeh cut the red ribbon, clearing the way for the future.

Branch Ziegelstraße

Branch Ziegelstraße

An exciting reopening!

Digital and on-site: Not only are our consultations possible digitally, but branch openings can also be digital. Our branch manager Philipp Pluschkat was present at the opening via screen. Many customers and colleagues visited us on site on the day of the opening and inspected the new premises.
Our Chairman of the Board of Management, Frank Schumacher, and our Head of Private Customers, Sven Nagrodzki, cut the red ribbon, opening the way to the future.

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