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Account Moduls

Overview - our account moduls

Find the account that suits your life best

Get your banking done - either online, via App or with personal advice at your personal branch. The account moduls of your Sparkasse zu Lübeck offer fair conditions, top services and a lot of benefits. Enjoy great shopping-, travel- and/or ticket advantages additionally to a lot of extra services. Besides this you will support our region of Lübeck:  a large part of our income flows back into regional projects and thus strengthens the local economy as well as our community.

Our accounts for adults


Mein Luebecker Premium

  • Incl. Sparkassen-Card (debit card)
  • 6 % cash back on travel bookings, 7 % cash back on EVENTIM tickets
  • Incl. mobile & laptop insurances PLUS
  • 50 % discount on our Sparkassen-Kreditkarte Gold (credit card) or Sparkassen-Kreditkarte Platinium (credit card)
  • Advantages at more than 3.800 regional and online partners

Mein Luebecker Comfort

  • Incl. Sparkassen-Card (debit card)
  • 3 % cash back on travel bookings
  • Incl. mobile & laptop insurances
  • Advantages at more than 3.800 regional and online partners

S-Giro online

  • Incl. Sparkassen-Card (debit card)
  • Offers many online services
  • Taylor made for online and Mobile banking

Our accounts for people up to 25

Current accounts for children, pupils, trainees, students and young professionals


Mein Luebecker Fresh

  • For people up to the age of 25
  • Great account with benefits for kids, pupils, trainees, students and young professionals
  • Incl. Sparkassen-Card (debit card)
  • 5 % cash back on travel bookings
  • Ticket insurances free of charge
  • Discounted International Student Identity Card (ISIC)
  • Incl. mobile & laptop insurances PLUS
  • Advantages at more than 3.800 regional and online partners



S-Jugendgiro (for youth)

  • Free of charge
  • Taylor made for kids, pupils, trainees, students and young professionals
  • Incl. Sparkassen-Card (debit card)
  • Excellent Banking-Services


Your next step

Just apply online for your personal current account right away. If you have not found the model that suits you best, simply use our "GiroFinder" or make an appointment for a personal consultation.


Our GiroFinder - just a view clicks to your suitable account

Still not sure? No probs. Our GiroFinder will assist you.


Quick and efficient - Find your matching account  

Are you still struggeling with finding the right account? With just a few clicks our GiroFinder will help you to find the product that suits your requirements best.

Open a current account

Open a current account: It's that easy 

Open your checking account now - mobile, online, by phone or in person (in German language)

person surfing on mobile phone

Open your current account via Sparkasse-App 

lady using her laptop on the sofa

Open your current account online

couple reading a peace of paper together

Open your current account at one of our branches

woman timing with pen on screen

Open your current account via phone or video consulting

  • You will need your valid ID card or passport.
  • You can reach our DialogCenter at 0451 147-147.

You can open current accounts for more than one person (joint accounts) by telephone and in person. Simply make an appointment for this.

Reasons for opening a current account

Why opening a current account at Sparkasse zu Lübeck

Icons with explanations of the advantages of Sparkasse
  • More than 200 years of experience –  since our foundation in 1817 we are Lübecks' strong financial partner.
  • Always close by – with 9 branches and 13 self-service centers.
  • Outstanding advicein person & digitally: at our branches, via phone, e-mail, video chat, text chat, screen sharing and via WhatsApp.
  •  Sparkasse zu Lübeck supports - numerous sponsorship and foundation programs in the fields of education, the environment, sports, art, culture, and social projects within our region.
  • Multi-award-winning and most-used banking app in Germany - our Sparkassen-App has a lot going for it.
  • Free cash withdrawal at ATMs throughout Germany.
  • Simple and secure contactless payment with card or smartphone
  • Numerous online services that make your finances easier: Online banking, Account alarm (Kontowecker), Financial planner and much more.
Luebeck Skyline Muehlenteich

Sparkasse – Our commitment to Lübeck

The Sparkasse is committed to what really matters: the people, the economy and the community in the region. Learn more about the dedication of your Sparkasse zu Lübeck.


Your questions – our answers

How to open a current account at Sparkasse zu Lübeck

You can open your current account online, via phone or personally at one of our branches – however your prefer.

Which cards will I receive together with my current account?

You receive the Sparkassen-Card (debit card) with your current account.  This allows you to withdraw cash from ATMs, make cashless purchases, and make contactless payments.

For travel abroad or online shopping, we recommend our Sparkasse credit card. With this one, you are a welcome guest anywhere in the world and can make cashless payments, withdraw money, and make contactless and mobile payments. Order your Sparkasse credit card right away online or in person at one of our branches. 

Where can I use my card to withdraw money from my current account free of charge?

You can withdraw money free of charge from more than 23.000 ATMs in Germany. Our branch finder shows you where to find Sparkasse ATMs throughout Germany. We have also compiled the branches of Sparkasse zu Lübeck with their contact details for you.

May I overdraw my current account

For unexpected expenses or spontaneous wishes, we will be happy to set up a Disposition credit (granted account overdraft).  This is a fixed credit line that can be agreed with you individually in advance. The amount depends on your monthly cash inflows and your creditworthiness. Once the credit line has been set up, you can overdraw your checking account at any time up to the agreed amount - so you always remain solvent.  

How can I switch to Sparkasse zu Lübeck with my current account?

Switching accounts with us is easy. You open a new current  account online, by mobile, by phone or in person, and our Moving Service (Umzugsservice) takes care of the associated paperwork for you. Whether it's a utility bill, insurance premiums or a salary transfer, we'll inform your payment partners of your new account details. And we arrange for your credit to be transferred from your old account to your new current account at Sparkasse zu Lübeck.

How can I change my current account model?

You already have a current account with us and would like to change your account model? No problem. You can order the switch online, by phone or in person at one of our branches. 

Can I also manage my current account as a joint account?

A joint account is ideal for two or more account holders, for example for married couples, cohabiting couples or shared apartments. This allows you to keep an eye on your joint expenses at all times.

What current accounts are available for children, pupils, trainees and students?

Whether for your first pocket money, the start of your career or student life: Our current accounts for young people offer many advantages and financial independence.

How can I convert my current account into a garnishment protection account?

To ensure that rent, electricity and groceries can still be paid in the event of a garnishment, a checking account can be converted into a garnishment protection account ("P-Konto"). Don't be afraid to talk to us about making the appropriate arrangements. 

Is my money safe in my current account?

Your current account at Sparkasse zu Lübeck is subject to the statutory deposit protection (EinSiG). This guarantees you the right to reimbursement of your deposits up to 100.000 Euro. Your credit balance with us is thus one of the safest forms of investment worldwide.

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