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Plant trees rather than harvest mountains of paper.

Plant trees rather than harvest mountains of paper.

Our promise

Trees instead of paper piles

Trees are among the largest and oldest organisms in the world. Some trees are over 500 years old and provide treasures and shelter for many inhabitants of the forest and meadows. We also like to relax in the cool shade of  trees and enjoy the good climate and pleasant air during a walk under trees. By the way, we strengthen our own  immune system with walking in the forest.

In addition, trees, like all plants on earth, produce oxygen by photosynthesis and thus make a fundamental  contribution to our survival. After the oceans, forests are the most important oxygen producers on earth. In addition, a tree is also a supplier of wood, which is processed into furniture and paper or serves as firewood.


How can WE support?

We would also like to play our part in conserving, preserving and expanding the "tree" resource that is vital to our world. That is why we plant trees and think of our future.

With today's possibilities, it is easy to save paper and thus cut down fewer trees. With our online banking and self-service terminals, transfers from paper have actually long been a thing of the past.  

Even your account statements can be retrieved and stored digitally today. A printout is only necessary in rare cases and is still possible at any time.

Our promise - your commitment

"We would like to save 2.5 million account statements with you. In return, we will plant 100 trees in the Lübeck region. That's a promise!"

Be part of our campaign and convert all your account statements into digital ones. Retrieve your account statements only in the electronic mailbox in online banking, via the Sparkassen app or the new "eZugang". Making the switch is easy. Either switch your statements directly to the electronic post box in online banking or your advisor will be happy to help you.

Electronic mailbox and "eZugang"

Electronical mailbox and "eZugang"

  • Find all your important information and account statements within your e-mailbox - of course - free of charge.
  • Save postage costs or time you would need to have to go to one of our bank statement printers
  • Simple handling by just using your personal online banking log in data
  • Stay informed and get the latest news by e-mail

Even you don't use online banking you can participate. Just ask your personal advisor to get you access to our new "eZugang" for your papers and account statements.

Campaign details

Lets plant trees together in Lübeck

We were able to win over the Hanse-Obst e.V. association for our great project. Together we would like to keep our promise within the next few years. We will keep you informed about the progress of the project here.

The Hanse-Obst e.V. association has long stood for the cultivation of orchards in the Hanseatic city of Lübeck and the knowledge of the individual cultivation techniques of fruit growing in the chain from planting, cultivation, growth and maintenance care, grafting and breeding to harvesting, preservation and utilization of the fruits rich in vital substances and vitamins. We are pleased that together we will expand the Hanseatic city of Lübeck by -100- fruit trees in the next few years.


Wanted - areas for planting trees

In addition to our own plots of land, we are looking for other public areas for planting fruit trees.

Are there any free spaces available on the ground of your club, your school, your kindergarten or on your sports field and you would like to green them ? Then please contact us by e-mail. Briefly state the location and size of the area and provide us with further details about you. We will then be happy to check whether the area is suitable for our project and how we can implement this together.  


The starting signal has been given - the first trees are planted.Colorful autumn season, the trees turn their leaves and it is the best tree planting time of the year. Not only the fruits have to be harvested before the first frost, but young trees also have to be in the ground by then.

Thanks to your commitment, we have been able to save 1 million bank statements so far. So on 27.10.2022 the first of 100 trees was planted at our Ziegelstraße branch. With the support of our board member Oke Heuer, branch manager Philipp Pluschkat and our tree sponsor trainee Julia Mantowski, Mr. Egleder from the Hanse-Obst e.V. association planted a pear tree at our Ziegelstraße branch.

The planting is going on

On 1.11.2022, we planted another tree on the ground of the St. Lorenz daycare center (Kitawerk) in Travemünde. We had many little helpers who were eager to help us putting the tree in the ground together with Mr. Winko from the Travemünde branch and Mr. Egleder from the Hanse-Obst e.V. association.

12 trees for Kita Kinderstube Travemünde (Kinderwege)  

The children of the Kinderstube Travemünde daycare center (Kinderwege) were enthusiastic about the tree planting. Mr. Egleder from the Hanse-Obst e.V. association once again provided illustrative material on flora and fauna and lots of information for the little ones.

Mr. Böhme, Head of the Kücknitz and Travemünde branches, Emine Dogan, our S-corner consultant, and Jörn Sanftleben, Head of Corporate Communications and Legal Affairs, also lent a hand and got the trees into the ground. 

Lübecker Sportclub 1999 e.V. - we found space for five more trees

With the support of members of the Lübecker Sportclub 1999 e.V. and further support from our customer management, represented by Lyn Gappa and Johannes Müller, Head of Sales Communication and Control, Mr. Egleder from the Hanse Obst association planted five trees on the sportsclub site.

More trees in planning

Around 25 more trees on various sites of sports clubs and daycare centers are already planned. Planting will go on in autumn 2023.

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