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Online banking help.

Online-Banking Hilfe.

Almusaeadat almasrifiat eabr al'iintirnit.

Spravka po internet-banku.

İnternet bankacılığı yardımı.

drawed tree with people

Plant trees rather than harvest mountains of paper.

Together with you, we (over)achieved our goal and were able to save 2.9 million paper account statements!

A big thank you to everyone involved!

Important information for your safety!

Phishing SMS and fraudulent calls are currently in circulation

Fraudulent text messages are currently being distributed in the name of the savings banks/Sparkassen. Under the pretext of an expired pushTAN registration, an allegedly expiring "TAN device" or a synchronization of the PSD/EU guidelines, an attempt is made to persuade you to call up a fraudulent website (phishing site). There you will be asked for your online banking access data, other personal data and the data of your Sparkasse card including PIN.

CAUTION: Please do not enter any data on the phishing page. Your data could otherwise be misused by fraudsters, for example to call you on behalf of your Sparkasse. Please never give a TAN on the phone and never release an order in the pushTAN app when prompted. Sparkasse employees will never ask you to do this on the phone.

If you see the phone number of your Sparkasse on the display but are unsure whether you are calling a scammer, hang up and call your Sparkasse back on the number you know.

You are strongly warned about these fraudulent SMS and fraudulent calls. If you have already entered data on the phishing page or received such a call, please contact us immediately on Tel. 0451 147-147 to block your online banking access. This applies in particular if you have given the caller a TAN or released an order.

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